My All-Time Favorite Endorsement

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many people walking the docks or in the boatyard recognize my boat. Even though it’s been out of production for about 30 years, still people say, “That’s an Albin Vega, isn’t it?”

My favorite recognition and endorsement came from a boat repair guy on the phone. I told him what fitting I was looking for (it’s a Swedish boat, so her original fittings are metric), and he asked me on what kind of boat I was going to use it. I told him, and he said, suddenly much more enthused, “An Albin Vega! That’s a great boat! Best boat I ever had! I sailed that thing all over the Caribbean, up to Maine . . . Man, that’s a great boat!”

He had said “had,” past tense, so I asked him why he no longer owned it, giving him an easy out by asking if he had traded up to a bigger boat.

“No, no; I got divorced and I needed cash, so I had to sell the boat.” I had a feeling there was more, and sure enough after a pause he added, “Y’know, we had some really good times on that boat . . . and sometimes I think about my ex . . . but man, I miss that boat!”