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First You Have to Row a Little Boat (Reflections on Life and Living)
Richard Bode
A man’s reflections on what sailing has taught him about living life, without the cliches. This may not be one of the best books ever written, but it is one of the very best books I’ve ever read! Once, at a booksale, I met a guy who was buying several copies of this book, as I was, for gifts, for recipients yet undecided.

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Wind, Sand and Stars
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
From the book:
And now I could suddenly hear a new note in the singing of the bow, another sound underneath the song of a happy boat: ‘…give me wind and I shall give you miles…’
I could hear it more and more clearly: ‘…you want to get home quickly . . . give me wind . . .’ I could hear it on deck, I could hear it coming from the end of the bowsprit as I was sitting on the pulpit, sometimes for hours, watching the bow throwing out the spray. I could hear it as I lay on my bunk . . . It was the voice of the bow wave, and I could hear it as plainly as I could hear the dolphins, I could feel it in my bones: ‘…there are several routes home . . . I am a fine boat . . . but don’t choose the wrong one . . . give me wind and I shall give you miles . . .’
From the back cover:
“This is a book about the mystical communion, with a boat, with the water and the weather, with the creatures of the sea . . . I’d sooner read Moitessier than any other nautical writer alive.” – Jonathan Raban
What more need I say?

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The Quotable Sailor
Edited by Christopher Caswell
A good compilation of distilled wisdom and humor surrounding sailing and the sea, and not just the quotes you’ve seen everywhere else. My favorite? When asked how he slept Sir James Hardy replied, “Like a baby. Woke up every two hours and cried.”