Begin with the Bottom

(Year One, summer)

Begin with the bottom . . . and then continue on through until you reach the end and then simply stop. (paraphrased from Alice in Wonderland.)

The bottom, port bow, before I began work on it. Actually, originally it was worse than this – these photos were taken after I powerwashed the deck and hull, and a good deal of nasty old “hard” bottom paint came off that way.

The bottom, port side, before I began work on it.

The bottom, stbd quarter, before I began work on it.

Port quarter, first pass. I took this photo just to show the difference.

Starboard quarter, after removing several layers of “hard” paint.

Starboard quarter, after going over it one more time with finer sandpaper. I never want to grind an entire hull down to the gelcoat again, ever.

Port bow, with red tape marking scratches and gouges in the gelcoat (the layer outside of the fiberglass.) When I applied the tape markers I counted each one, but when I got up to 87 I just gave it up.

Port quarter, with gelcoat “fixes” marked.

Starboard side, with the two-part barrier coat applied. It’s neat stuff: the leftover dried in the plastic paint tub, so I was able to remove it and found it to be like part rubber and part epoxy.

Hull repaired and covered with a sacrificial coat of bottom paint, as she sits in the boatyard’s back lot. Over the winter I’ll remove the interior woodwork and use the pieces as patterns to re-fabricate it all.